Saturday, July 17, 2004

For a few days and nights, I've pondered somewhat on the vitriole which accompanies the debate or simply angry exchange in the polemics between Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives (which, anyone with any sense who's lived in the South can tell you, or just any sage political observer, are not the same division). Consider Amelie's posting on the 14th July:
"When I read news like this(the Republican or Conservative position on the gay marriage issue--parentheses mine), it makes me want to slaughter republicans and make sausages out of them. They are too stupid to exist, much less be allowed to vote. My coworker says we should eat the old, tough, stringy ones who cause all the problems. I say we make dogfood out of them, my dog wouldn't mind a bit of republigristle, but I would. I want the postpubescent youth served up on a platter."

I didn't want to sound like a humorless old fart, but the rage I thought I felt behind the humor worries me a little. Or maybe it's just my having actually seen burnt corpses by the side of roads in Iraq which affects my reaction to her posting.

I confess at times having wondered how the cannibalistic act would be, but I have managed to keep it to myself until now. And I outgrew it. Ah, but does that make me seem more boring? What would Dr. Lector say?


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