Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The company sent me away for five days to train and get certified.  Good.  But I forgot to take cash with me, and I'm depending on someone else for a ride to an ATM. 

Don't forget nothin'!  Yeah, we'll I need to work on that one.  Maybe my age is catching up on me.  Then, I was always absent-minded.

Another thing I'm dealing with is a ball-up having to do with bangbus.com/  Yes, I confess, I went to a #### site.  But I got nowhere!  And they got my debit card number; now they've charged me.  And I got to see--NOTHING!  I'll be happy if I can get the damn thing cancelled, let alone refunded.  It was only $5.65, but it automatically renews every three days, and my attempts to cancel have been as useless as my prior attempt to view the ###########.



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