Friday, July 16, 2004

...we are living the good life; as soon as I had changed out of my work clothes, we walked together, with Annie Franck on her bicycle, to Roman’s where we were greeted by Claire, sat down and in pairs went to the pizza buffet. That is to say, while Wilma and Annie Franck go to the counter, I sit relaxing with Altgeld. Then I go when the two ladies have returned to the table.

____We stopped at the house of Mrs. Z, one of our kinder neighbours, just around the corner. I've long entertained a guilt for not sending thanks for the welcome back gift, a coffee mug with "Welcome Home" in the red white and blue colours. Yesterday I finally, after a year, got to thank her. Yes I know it's bad, but I was in too much of a funk after returning from Iraq to be properly social. And for this I apologized. My resolve is to be timely with thanks.

____Little Altgeld is crying his head off, dosn't want to go to bed nor sleep. I'll go see if I can calm him. ... Hope to quietly toast the French Revolution and the Freedom of the Bastille Prisoners with some merlot later.


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