Tuesday, July 13, 2004

At last, King Priam has ransomed the body of his son Hercules, and Achilles has given Patroklus a proper "memorial service." With that, ends the Iliad. I had thought, believing that I had read the whole of the Iliad, that the ending was after the subterfuge of the great wooden horse into Troy, the entry of the armies of the Argives,the Myrmidons, and their allies into Troy. I suppose I read some watered-down version directed at children. Well, at least I'm reading the English translations now, comparing them, beginning to note certain phrases in the Homeric Greek.

Today I'll start on the Odyssey.

There is less than a quarter of an hour to noon. Reason I'm getting such a late start, partly, is that I was fighting porno spam. Some of it keeps getting around the Yahoo Spam controls. Admittedly, I'm using the free version, which has limited blocking and filtering, but I wonder why some of the spam evades the program which directs spam into bulk.

Some time ago, and more insistently a few weeks ago I began sending copies of the ones which evaded bulk, evaded my filters and my blocks, to abuse@yahoo.com and webmaster@yahoo.com/. Today I got some useful web addresses which may help me track the offending spammers. One is http://www.arin.net/whois/index.html From here you can find links to more agencies which regulate and seek to regulate internet traffic.

I'll be posting more useful tips and links as I find them.


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