Thursday, July 01, 2004

Am back in Spudsville, with my family, actually, in our house right now. I apologize for the long delay. I suppose that I might have sent my entries here to Wilma, and had I asked in the right manner, and had she agreed, she might have entered them for me. Or I might have begun sooner than today, as I've been home since last Saturday.

Enough! Apologies are problematic at best, and sound lame and annoying at worst.

Annie Franck's pestering me to show her how to draw things--skunks, restaurant interiors, and what now? --a playground. But she gave up waiting on the playground. "I already drew a playground." She's working with a cheap ball point pen and some scrap paper.

I left off my regular readings of the Iliad. A couple of nights ago I read several paragraphs. Zeus has got involved on the side of the Trojans now, so these guys are pushing the Argives back. And Apollo, in the shape of the Lycaon, Priamides, is encouraging Aineias:

"You should pray to the everlasting gods yourself. You are no mere man. They say Aphrodite was your mother; she is a daughter of Zeus, and Achilles comes from a lower god, just a daughter of the Old Man of the Sea. Go straight for him with the cold steel, and don't let him frighten you with sorry things like curses and threats." (p 238, Book XX, Rouse, transl.: Signet Classic pocket ed.).


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