Thursday, June 10, 2004

07:39 is the time according to this computer's clock. I've been on an extended business trip, oh so busy. But how I've missed sharing my life with you, o mysterious Reader!

My reading of the Iliad has led me to the twentieth chapter, in which Zeus and the other gods now find themselves openly divided against themselves in their meddling into the War for Troy, or Ilium. Patroclus has been dead; in the last chapter, the Trojans and the Argives' coalition forces were struggling over possession of his body and armor. Achilles is about to enter the fray, clad in the heavenly armor which Thetis his mother has ordered from Hephaistos.

Is there anyone among you who might recommend a good bilingual version of the Iliad, with the Greek on one side and the English, even Spanish or French, on the other? Mind you, I'll have to special order it, unless I get occasion to travel to some urb, maybe New York or Berlin.