Tuesday, May 18, 2004

On a rainy afternoon, two hours and thirty and two minutes. I should be napping. Why? I've got to teach this evening and work all night from ten p.m. till six at sunrise.

One of the new communications workers quit. She wanted more time with her baby girl, she had trouble commuting, and she said that she couldn't handle the radio. I guess the stress of managing that when it got busy, along with the phones, was the worse thing.

From the New York Times, we learn this morning specific details of involvement in the prisoner scandal from officials high up the chain of command:
"Individual interrogation plans were drafted for each detainee, and were approved by Colonel Pappas or his deputy, he said. In every case, he said, the plans followed the guidance in the rules of interrogation that Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, the top ground commander in Iraq, approved on Oct. 12.

In his report, General Taguba concluded that Colonel Pappas was "either directly or indirectly responsible" for the actions of those who mistreated and humiliated Iraqi prisoners."


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