Saturday, May 15, 2004

Now it's one hour and eight minutes into the Saturday afternoon. I've drunk the last dregs of my coffee, by now gone cold, just mixed with milk to tone down the acidity (so I think, but what do I know? I'm no chemist) and to take one of "my meds."

Almost down with the last post, I was called out to be with the Kinder(I really try not to say "kids," out of deference to old Mr. Giles, the long ago late retired math teacher, who I met when I was an orderly at a nursing home in my Midwestern home town. He had said that kids are goats, and children are childen.)

The mockingbird is in full chorus. I wonder was it the same mockingbird which was up at two thirty in the pre-dawn darkness. Maybe disturbed by the streetlights.

Am going back to reading from the May/June World Wildlife Fund newsletter. The first features to grab my attention are the "Save Sea Turtles" and "Sumatran Tiger." And now I've called up a page on which you can take action to help save the turtles, tigers, and more... There, I've sent an electronic letter requesting more funding for our animal sisters and brothers. Heh, heh, I remember first reading the stories of the life of Saint Francis, who addressed the annelid as "Sister Worm." That sounds like a Buddhist world view.


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