Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Mid-afternoon today, I got back from a conference in Augusta, Georgia. This was the first Troops to Teachers of Georgia conference, in which various presenters spoke and fielded questions about topics ranging from strategies on getting teaching jobs to teach effectively. I'm jazzed, and ready to plunge back into the job search, fill out my applications to grad school, another school district--Richmond County--and send thank you's to a few administrators with whom I had interviews earlier this Spring.

Just this moment it's one of my numerically interesting moments, 11:11 P.M. I was about to say, I'd clocked out of my city job at 22:00, and had come home in time to visit with my son, who was resisting his mother's efforts to get him to sleep.

At work I was able to catch part of the Delta Classic Pool Derby, in which Jeannette Lee and Allison Fisher were directing some brilliant strokes in a neck-and-neck game. The score was 4-4 around 21:39 when I switched the set off to type in some items into the word processor application. The match was being broadcast by ESPN2. Maybe I will set some money aside for that satellite dish...


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