Friday, May 14, 2004

I've finished my first coffee, black. Shaved, dressed, but not showered. Don't have to be at work until 13:45.

But this is my work, too! I'm a writer, or I want to be one. My discipline needs strengthening. One good thing, I did update my profile, that brought out some writing from me. Yah! Go right ahead, take a look. o'o'

Outside, the jay is jaying. Farther away, northwest of here, among the tall pines by the highway, a mockingbird sings. Of course, there is the occasional rumble and groan of a passing diesel truck and trailer.

At the start of Book VIII of the Iliad, Zeus announces to the other gods and goddesses to lay off intervening directly in the war of the Achaeans, Argives, and Trojans. Hera, Queen and white-armed Goddess, and Athena, want to help the Achaean-Argive alliance. Zeus and Ares defend the Trojans.

Hector and the Trojans are hemming the Greeks within their ditch and wall defenses which surround their ships. Hector threatens to burn the ships and slaughter Agamemnon and his fighters. Once again, Hera and Athena determine to go save the Greeks, but Zeus sends Ida, "swift as a storm," to warn of the Mother Goddess and the Huntress. Only darkness, admits Hector, saves him from crossing the defenses and destroying the Greeks.

I'll walk over to the building where I teach and retrieve my briefcase. Hopefully no one's taken it from the classroom.


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