Thursday, May 27, 2004

I noticed today that I'd passed 100 entries without any fanfare. Well, I've been busy, and lucky to log any entries, given my 12 hour night shifts.

I'm going to walk over to the multi-purpose building, a corrugated aluminum and cinderblock affair, insulated, I suppose, and air- conditioned. Tonight, we'll go over to the library to work on computer skills. We're developing a class blog. Just starting.

Yesterday finished Book XIV of the Iliad, reading from the W.H.D. Rouse Signet Classic pocket edition. It really fits in most jeans hip pockets. I finished the chapter while walking along a dirt road leading through onion fields and pastures.

You know? I'm thinking that some of these people who complain about violence in the media should read the Iliad.

And that's all for now. Iassou!


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