Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I just sent this e-mail to the President of Kerry for President:

Esteemed Mary Beth Cahill:

I've just listened to the Senate hearings on the Abu Ghraib prison and other prison abuses. I'm still not convinced that we must go as far as demanding the resignation of Mr. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. My intuition tells me that many of your organization are against the war, or are against the way that the war has been "prosecuted," and are seizing on these prison incidents in a political way, to attack and remove from power a gentleman who has done service for the President and for his country. Perhaps you should continue to concentrate on promoting Senator Kerry for his accomplishments, qualities, and perceived potential, rather than diffuse your energies by attacking the Secretary of Defense and the military at this time.

(One thing I admire about the campaign is that it's open to constructive criticism, reporting from the 'grassroots' level, i.e. the public. You can send your ideas, statements, etc to tellus@johnkerry.com/ ).


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