Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Good afternoon! to you all in my time zone, EST; good evening and good night to those of you across the Atlantic waters; good day to my brothers and sisters across the Pacific waters. Time now: 4:48 p.m.

The papa mockingbird has shifted to different song now than I was hearing an hour ago. It's perched in a tree to the Northeast. The climbing rose still has vivid carmine blooms, like fresh wounds in the fabric of time, dappling the sunshine to the Southeast.

I've got to go to work any minute now. Should be headed that way. Wanted to post a blog now since I'll be working all evening and through the night till morning.

Waiting for me to wake from my diurnal sleep was the environmental defense fund newsletter. What is it that so many organizations are titling theirselves in small caps? Headline for edf is the upcoming Senate vote on global warming. At the end of this month. And I'm just learning about this now? NPR, you're fired!

No more time to talk. Got to walk. Aloha!


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