Tuesday, May 25, 2004

From today's Savannah Morning News, I learn that it's the anniversary of the death of William Tecumseh Sherman, in 1891. It's also the birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien, in 1892.

On this day in 1891, gold was discovered in Cripple Creek. Was it the Grateful Dead who sang a song with "Come on Cripple Creek" in it? Who else, Credence Clearwater Revival?

Earlier today, I read something on Emerson, from Writers' Almanac. Let's take another look. Yes, it's his birthday in 1803, a year before the Louisiana Purchase, if I'm not wrong. Yes, I was wrong, the treaty was signed on 30 April, 1803. I must have been thinking of when Lewis and Clark set out to explore through it.

Again, I'm getting my arse kicked in backgammon, but at least the music's good, and the wine, for the cost of four dollars and odd change, is not too bad. Cabernet Sauvignon. But from this convenience store vintage I'm not going for seconds, not tonight.


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