Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Another Times report informs us that peace is as far away from becoming a reality in Palestine as ever:
"As debate grew over the demolition of Palestinian houses, about a thousand Israeli security officers dismantled an isolated settlement outpost in the West Bank, clashing with hundreds of Israeli settlers to tear down a single stone hut at Mitzpeh Yitzar. Under the Bush administration's peace initiative known as the road map, Israel agreed a year ago to remove dozens of such small, unauthorized settlements, while the Palestinians agreed to crack down on terrorist groups. The peace initiative has stalled.
"The Israeli Army has reported finding some 90 smuggling tunnels in Rafah since the current phase of Palestinian-Israeli conflict began in late September 2000. The army says that the tunnels can be almost 100 feet deep and 1,000 feet long, and that their entrances are hidden in the basements of Palestinian houses.During more than three years of intense fighting in Rafah, the army has widened the lane it controls along the border to about 250 yards in places, destroying Palestinian buildings with bulldozers, tank shells and other weaponry.


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