Thursday, April 29, 2004

While searching for non-commercial applications of software and web technology, I stumbled across an interesting paper on the use of some of this by sexual predators. The author, Professor Hughes , from Rhode Island, has a very informative portal. Donna M. Hughes does research and writing on trafficking, sexual exploitation, violence against women, women's organized resistance to violence, and religious fundamentalism and women's rights. She also works on issues related to women, science and technology.

An interesting example of sexploitation and the InterNet I discovered on a site which advertised girls from a couple of towns over, just a little town on a crossroads in the middle of forest, swamp, and farmland. It had a link to a university town within twenty minutes away. But it's been noted by health officials in another neighboring county that the incidence of venereal disease is quite high in this area.

Also, we've had a noticeable increase in trafficking, arrests, and other incidents which involve crack, crystal meth, and other drugs. Recently, in the university town, there was a drug bust of impressive proportions.

Every night, almost, I can detect strange cars going by our house toward an area which is suspected of drug activity. I see the evidence of it on the ground. For an economy so poor, there are too many fancy vehicles and cell phones. Oh, I didn't mean the legitimate economy. Most economists don't study the underground economy, do they?


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