Thursday, April 08, 2004

The routine of my writing has been broken, since this day's started out with an interview at nine. Or really, it started with a two mile run at seven thirty. And it rained a little before dawn and this morning, something that's become uncommon in this new drought. (We had a five to seven year drought until last year's rains).

Fierce fighting continues in Fallujah and other cities in the Sunni Triangle, as well as in an-Najaf and other cities in the south of Iraq. Some in the intelligence field, reports the New York Times, believe that the enemy activity now has spread beyond only terrorists or Sunni guerrillas, in the Triangle, and beyond just Moqtada al-Sadr's al-Mahdi Army where the Shi'a live.

Reports the New York Times,"American troops are confronting resistance by Sunni militants in a volatile region west of Baghdad and by Shiite insurgents in Baghdad and southern Iraq. The two fronts do not appear to be formally linked but seem to be finding and exploiting common ground in their shared opposition to the foreign occupation.

General Sanchez said today that there may be links between the Shiite and Sunni insurgents at low levels of the resistance movements but offered no further analysis."


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