Thursday, April 29, 2004

Now playing backgammon courtesy of a software Z gives away with its bundles. It's available through, but you have to have a certain password, which I have, if I can remember it. But I really wasn't impressed with all the waiting and social hoops you have to jump through just to play. Really, it's similar to the chat rooms, where you have to earn your way or be lucky to be accepted into some clique.

I spend enough time on the Web as it is, without adding to it with games and socializing. I have my family, my jobs, and my love of rivers and swamps, country roads, forests and mountains. And I'm not anywhere near to getting some Iridium phone or wireless InterNet access, although I do have a Palm VII. This part of the country doesn't have coverage for the wireless InterNet. I just checked with X to see if we could get its new DSL offer.

Notice, I don't put in endorsements. I'm not ruling out paid ones, but I think you can't do that with the Blogger free account, maybe not even with the Blogger paid one. I may soon start socking away some dough for my own web-site.


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