Wednesday, April 07, 2004

(ГѓВ¦ no, ae...I'll need to find how to make this character.) Oh, hey y'all, good morning! Last night I couldn't sleep, after I woke at 02:00. So I hied to the sofa, where I lay reading from Butler's translation of Homer's Iliad I finished the first book, on which I've been reading and re-reading for several weeks, and then read a few pages of The Wild Man of Sugar Creek, the biography of Eugene Talmadge.

Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije' has started to play on the National Public Radio, while outside I hear robins and mockingbirds. Now I have to pause to make piece between Annie-Jack who wants to play with her stuffed horses, but not with her brother Altgeld! He is scarcely one and a half years, while she will be four in four days. Now they've moved to the back children's bedroom, where Wilma is reasoning with her to tolerate him in her playing space. She's still telling him."Altgeld! Go away! I don't need you, Altgeld!"

Colin Wright, in Drama Exchange, does a nice "summary file" of the Lieutenant Kije'. I just wish I had the time and proximity to a theatre or ballet troup to be able to attend or participate. Maybe we can find something on a small scale to present on stage at Southeastern. Hmmmm.... If dreams were horses....(you finish this one--how many variations can we make?)


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