Sunday, April 04, 2004

James Dao, of the New York Times wrote in the edition of April 2, 2004, an article titled "Private U.S. Guards Take Big Risks For Right Price" Reporting from MOYOCK, N.C. on the 1st of April --no, sadly, this was no joke--Mr. Dao describes "the 6,000-acre training ground of Blackwater U.S.A.," where a high student enrollent including law enforcement, former military, and civilians train to join "the lucrative but often deadly work of providing security for corporations and governments in the toughest corners of the globe."

The tragedy last week of the four security personnel who were killed and dragged out of their vehicle, mutilated, whose bodies were dragged through the streets of Fallujah, brought into the media spotlight the corporation Blackwater.

Two other NYT writers surnamed Goodnough and Luo wrote a piece that came out in yesterday's New York Times, a human interest story telling of these men's lives and families. I feel as if I should be training harder, to go and serve my country in those savage, exotic lands of Mesopotamia and Babylonia.


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