Thursday, April 29, 2004

I've washed my hair, showered, dressed. The plaintive cries of my daughter interrupted this process of getting ready to leave the house and go to work at the "Teachers' Building," as my daughter calles the Multipurpose Building. Her young brother had unintentionally pushed a loose screen which was leaning on the house' northern wall, against her as she squatted in the sandy soil, in a shady area by the carport where she likes to play.

The New York Times' writer, THOM SHANKER, wrote for today an article which introduces a seven-page "Special Analysis" was written under Defense Intelligence Agency guidance by the Joint Intelligence Task Force, which includes officers and analysts from across the civilian and military espionage community. It is not known whether it represents a fully formed consensus or whether there might be dissenting assessments.

Officials who have read the study said it concludes that in Falluja, which is currently encircled by the Marines, an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 hard-core insurgents, including members of the Iraqi Special Republican Guard who melted away under the American-led offensive, are receiving tactical guidance and inspiration from these former intelligence operatives. "We know the M-14 is operating in Falluja and Ramadi," said one senior administration official, speaking about another rebellious Sunni Muslim city nearby.
Now I've got my shoes, laces tied, and I'm pretty much set to go--my classes' briefcase is by the door. I've listened to the Writers' Almanac and am finishing this paragraph to leave. Who is playing this sweet violin music? Oh, anyway, I have to go.


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