Thursday, April 22, 2004

I've been dilatory, and feel none the better for it. Oh, but I've rested. That's the bright side. And even I've enjoyed time with my children, talking with them, letting them climb up on my lap, hugging them, sharing meals. But I've got to get my unemployment certified, do some long postponed filing for my ESL, contact a neighboring county's school board employee, a P.O.C. who may be able to help me apply for a full-time teaching post--high school Spanish.

Plus I've got a meeting 15 miles W-NW, at the county seat, for ESL. My ESL and Civics classes tonight, and tomorrow night, my dispatcher job.

Speaking of ESL, last night I was perusing short biographies, written by the chaplain for the Carl Vinson V.A. Hospital, former Marine sergeant and Korea War vet, Jack E. Brown, Ed. D. One was about Frank Laubach(1884-1970), who pioneered the "Each one teach one" concept. See what Yale has done with the idea.

Elections for the boards of Consumers' Union and Alaska Federal Credit Union are up. Just voted for Amnesty IUSA candidates. It's fun participating, even if in this small way. And each vote does count. This is real democracy, effected voluntarily, not by force applied from elsewhere.


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