Tuesday, April 20, 2004

It's 15:23, a hot spring Tuesday afternoon in southeastern Georgia. I'm playing a losing game of backgammon, inside my house, in the front room, listening to a jockey being interviewed on Fresh Air, which is usually hosted by Terry Gross, at WHYY in Philadelphia.

There! I bounced him, again. We're hitting each others stones. This guy or gal's a German, by the captions and chat window underneath the board on the screen. He bounced me again, and I'm on the bar. Not good.

Shane Sellers is the thouroughbred jockey, who will be riding some Edge at some upcoming race. He's also written a book on being a horse jockey. Right now, I'll just leave you with that, no links, you do the research, if it's interesting to you. Or just that bored. ;)

I couldn't believe it! I caught up and was ahead by pips. He doubled. I accepted. Then he got a double roll, and now I've lost by twice the stakes.


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