Thursday, April 08, 2004

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The Environmental Protection Agency's own data shows that the administration’s new mercury rule would allow power plants to emit three times more mercury pollution than the current law for a decade longer. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that the Bush administration’s new rule included verbatim language provided by a firm representing the operators of America's worst polluting power plants. That same firm had formerly employed the key two people appointed by the Bush administration to oversee power plant pollution at EPA.

Said Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, "In the battle against mercury pollution, the Bush administration is throwing the game by letting the polluters write their own rules. We haven’t seen this kind of misbehavior since the 1919 Chicago Black Sox."

If the President and the Republican Party would come closer to a realistic, pro-environmental view on controlling emissions, I would vote for him to be re-elected. Even with Iraq and all this "War on Terrorism" and restriction of Constitutional rights. But with global warming, hell is that much further from ever freezing over.


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