Monday, April 26, 2004

Blah! Inwardly, I cringe at the light of day, as if I were a vampire. I must get out, get organized, get "it" together. This morning, I'll put together a cover letter and try to drop it off at the Board of Education at Long County. I've sent a couple of letters and several phone calls to get on at the high school, to no avail, yet.

Yesterday evening was very pleasant. My daughter and I took the kayak and gear to the Ogeechee, got to Jenk's Bridge and the Dasher Landing where we swam and did some water travel. She got to sit in the craft by herself, holding the paddle, to get a first lesson on the vessel and use of the paddles herself. I went along with my float vest, a length of engineer tape attaching the kayak to me.

Incidentally, Jenk's Bridge figures in the history of Sherman's Army campaign in Georgia. I don't recall more than his sending forces in two columns or spearheads, with two corps on the left, proceeding from Atlanta toward Milledgeville, travelling over Jenk's toward Savannah, destroying the railroad, and two corps on the right.


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