Monday, April 12, 2004

Almost noon, I was fretting about accomplishing things. However, I got my resume' in to the Governor's web-site. Ya nebber know what'll turn up. Gotta have faith.

The unemployment is cut off because I earned too much on my two day security guard work in Savannah. And because I need to call them and have a certificate or memo faxed to them for the four hour workshop I attended in Atlanta, on English as a Second Language teaching.

Other good news is, I got hired and am training to work as dispatcher for the county.

Now my daughter is hollering that she wants to go for a walk, when she passed up a chance to go with her mother earlier. Meanwhile, lovely pianoforte music resounds from the Bose' in the corner opposite where she's screaming her tantrum in my left ear. My wife asks,"Is that Beethoven's Pathe'tique?"


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