Sunday, March 14, 2004

We decided, the wife and I, rather than drive to the fruitcake capital of the USA, and arrive late for the Rattlesnake Round-up, we'd go another direction to the exchange, where we did go and did buy my new running shoes, a "motion" type of shoe, the same model as last year. I celebrated this by running around the excellent bone-friendly track, whose surface is made of recycled tires. You can feel the difference. Every county should have at least one.

I finally figured the way to edit my links list, so I've added a few, and will keep it current, I promise! Since I'm making headway with my job-search and bread-earning, I've earned a little time to play with the HTML and other languages, codes, and ways to improve my web-building.

While at the exchange, we saw on the televisions, the a FOX TV News report on the results of the election in Spain. Seems that ETA was not, after all, responsible for the bombs at Atocha and other nearby lines. Also, it seems very likely that Aznar's government was trying to manipulate the public against the ETA and also against the PSE, the Socialists. And the Spanish electorate was not fooled; they didn't like the propaganda, nor do they like the involvement of their government and military in Iraq, in cooperation with the USA and UK.
What will the new government do with the troops they have stationed in the SW Asia now?


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