Tuesday, March 02, 2004

> Time now,, 22:14 Pleasant slightly chilly night. The peepers have been singing for over two weeks now, in the pines, the swamps, the bogs...Folk are restless. Young Black men walk alone, in twos, but separated by a block's distance, or in twos and threes, or drive by in fancy or just old cars, often the classic Olds and Caddies, back and within fifteen minutes, forth, toward the Highway and a commercial strip whichincludes a pizza place and a dollar store. Neighbors who have been around for a while say there's drugs being dealt, but apparently it's at least two locations, probably more.
> Evidence of crystal meth ingredients are tossed on the streets, maybe to keep the residue away from the source of the dealing.
> I'm just tired of hearing of neighbors losing their property, including bikes, wallets, purses, cash, cell phones, coin collections...Someone's going to get hurt. I don't like the idea of anyone getting hurt or killed. Or wasting away due to addictions.


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