Tuesday, March 30, 2004

It's 09:50, cloudy, cool, and quiet outside on the street. I'll need to be hitting the road soon, driving to Dublin to get my first general check-up for being a patient at the Carl Vinson Memorial Hospital in Dublin, Georgia. If anyone knows who was Carl Vinson, please leave the answer in the comments link, or email me.

I've been trying to learn about Nascar. If you've been following this blog, you may remember that once in a while I like to walk to Bubba Jack's, or stop by for a cold one. There are various Nascar memorabilia hanging or setting on shelf space, like the metallic race car which Dale Earnhardt, Sr. drove.

Thanks to the local weekly newspaper, as well as the Savannah Morning News, I can begin my Nascar education.

The race driver I'll feature today is Jimmie Johnson, who held off Bobby LaBonte' a week ago last Sunday, 21 March at the Darlington Raceway, to win the Nextel Cup Carolina Dodge Dealers 400. "The pit stops are what made the difference," said Johnson.
The decisive move for Johnson's No.48 Lowe's team came during a round of yellow flag pit stops after Kyle Petty lost an engine during lap 374 of the 393-lap race. (So how many meters long is a lap? What are yellow flag pit stops? Are there other kinds of pit stops?)

Rather than bore those of you who have no interest whatsoever in Nascar, I'll just post the top 10 point earners:

1. Kenseth 743
2. Earnhardt Jr. 722
3. Stewart 708
4. Busch 687
5. Kahne 679
6. Johnson 685
7. Newman 637
8. Sadler 636
9. Harvick 608
10. Marvin 583

Yes, I really do have this interest, to learn about Nascar, the engines, their dimensions, attributes, statistics. Does this mean that I'm a red-neck? I leave it for you to opine.
On the other hand, my next feature may include search engine grabbers, like "hot, steamy sex" and "naked."

Oh, go ahead, revile me or pray for me ...


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