Thursday, March 04, 2004

> I got back to the house after a drive to the south edge of town, on the road to Darien. It was already very dark, with some stars showing, and if you drove with the windows open, past certain piney woods or bogs, you could hear the peepers singing their happy spring love-song. I drove to Bubba Jack's, a little bar inside a room snug up against a towing/wrecker business. Bubba Jack sells only Bugwiser and Bugwiser Light--in bottles or cans. And there are some Co-Colas and other carbonated drinks.
I had left the aluminum sided cinder block building in which we teach ESL, Civics, G.E.D. and Adult Basic Literacy. The few teachers who do this do it part-time, I believe, because as the director on state level says, if the feds ever took a notion to cut off the funds, there would be "liability issues."

While talking with Bubba Jack over the bar(there was no one else there, his wife leaving just as I got there with the mint tin full of little aluminum clips which they save to donate to a local charity for sick children) he told me that they'd heard over the scanner, which they always have on behind the bar, up front by the little square window which looks onto the Highway, that there had been another break-in in the neighborhood my family lives in, which is sometimes called "Northside."
We've been trying to re-organize a Neighborhood Watch, some neighbors and I. Just spoke to the Mayor, a tough lady, and smart, yesterday about what the city was doing to slow down these break-ins and other drug related activity. Crack cocaine, chrystal meth, and what not. We've a new police chief, who has let go of some police, and hired others from out of town. We'll see.

Li'l Annie Franck wanted me to tell her stories about horses. I'd already told her about Misty from Chincoteague, and I couldn't remember enough to tell her about Black Stallion. I haven't watched all of Sea Biscuit. So I went to the bookshelf, found my coffee table edition of the bio of Miguel de Cervantes, and pointed out to her some of the wood cuts, pencil drawings, and even a photograph of an oil painting by Titian, an equestrian portrait of Charles V. Beautiful black stallion. But what's its name?


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