Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Have been back for long enough to eat dinner with the family. Back from Dublin, where I got my physical and got registered into the medical computers of the hospital there. Afterwards, with the sun shining during a late afternoon, I stopped by a shop that sells educational materials, bought some posters on features of phonics, vocabulary, geography of Mesopotamia, and anatomy of a spider and different webs.

I had a couple of beers at a quiet bar and grill called the Madison Street, met an Irish American bar tender woman, a salesman from Marseilles who lives and works out of Macon.

Once on the highway, a stretch of the I-16 called the Jim L Gillis Highway, I remembered that I forgot to pick up my travel money. Not much by earlier standards, but every bit helps.

Just saw part of a program hosted by Alan Alda, on the archaeology of slaves in the British colonies in coastal North America, and early United States. Included the recreations of Williamsburg, and Thomas Jefferson's plantation in Virginia.

On the topic of colonial Williamsburg, webmaster Nicole Moore has set up a virtual tour of a class field trip for fifth graders...Excuse me, I must go remove a dead roach my wife just found while cleaning up after the kids...


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