Thursday, March 11, 2004

From the New York Times: Powerful explosions rocked three Madrid train stations Thursday just days before Spain's general elections, killing at least 62 rush-hour commuters and wounding hundreds...Two were on a train pulling into Atocha underground train station, and two others were at stations on a line connecting to the Atocha. Spanish officials blamed ETA, even though ETA has not claimed responsibility. Couldn't it be Islamic terrorists, now that Spain is involved in Iraq? After all, terrorists have killed numerous Spanish nationals in Iraq, even ambushing them specifically.

I'm listening to Katya Adler, reporting for BBC from Madrid. She doesn't seem to be disputing the Madrid government's claims either. As they say, "Time will tell." Or will the truth ever be known?

An hour after the opening of NPR's news this Thursday, Jerome Sokolofsky is now reporting. The media is still not disputing Madrid's claim that ETA is to blame. However, Bob Edwards suggests, and Sokolofsky admits, that others might be responsible.

Coming back to edit this paragraph, ten till eleven on a Tuesday, 30 March 2004:
Finally, the Spanish admit they have no evidence that ETA was to blame.


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