Friday, March 19, 2004

Ahhhh...what a day! Yes, it was good. In the afternoon, the whole two week's unemployment check being stopped situation was resolved, and after that, the working day was a pleasant slide downslope, into a body of clean water, with no rocks to knock on.

I had revised a cover letter, to be a follow-up letter. No, I don't want to send in my resume' quite yet, I'm keeping my cards close to my chest. Oh --what's that? The dog across the way is barking madly...I'm back. It was just the neighbor's boys, walking around the corner toward the highway. There's an ice cream store, a pizzeria, and a gas and quick-mart that way. The weather is too nice... That's when the freaks like to come out, into a pleasant night.

Wehaahllll, let me leave you with this little nugget I found -- about a crazy ant It seems some etymologists from the University of Florida found five species on the Dry Tortugas Islands, on one of them at least, these species not being previously recorded as far as we Anglo-Americans Know.

So what, you may ask. Glad if you did. This is all part of a government effort to reform the nomenclature of critters and plants--here's the rub--once again, there's a push towards more standardization. Here's how they put it:

"The White House Subcommittee on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics has identified systematics as a research priority that is fundamental to ecosystem management and biodiversity conservation. This primary need identified by the Subcommittee requires improvements in the organization of, and access to, standardized nomenclature.

For each scientific name, ITIS will include the authority (author and date), taxonomic rank, associated synonyms and vernacular names where available, a unique taxonomic serial number, data source information (publications, experts, etc.) and data quality indicators. Expert reviews and changes to taxonomic information in the database will be tracked. Geographic coverage will be worldwide with initial emphasis on North American taxa. "


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