Saturday, February 28, 2004

While at dinner at The Pizza Place in a town 15 miles away, I realized that we have been half-hearted all along, about learning, about speaking, German in our family, as we had agreed to do. And I've been half-hearted about learning Arabic.
I sated my appetite with vegetarian pizza, cheese sticks, salad, beer, and water. Now it seems like so very much! Tonight I realized that the feeling of being glutted, even just a little too full, is not really pleasant. More likely, it is better for the heart and soul to be a little on the hungry side, and get used to being that way.
By the way, I gave up red meat for Lent. I think I'll expand that, and make it all meat but fish flesh.

Now I take a little space to offer an introduction to the arabic_learners' group, a place where a student of Arabic can practice, at least using the Roman alphabet approximation of the words and phrases, the communication in written Arabic. As we progress, I hope that we will get mikes and make use of Chat rooms and Instant Messaging to practice Arabic.


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