Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Hullo, hullo! Welcome to cafegroundzero, the meetingplace by the live oak, a blog by jean-pierre of memphis, the walker, the once aspiring poet, eldest son of Marie-Therese, daughter of el licenciado Jorge Padilla de La Barca. Too, son of Pete, who is son of Mary Allensworth, Mina daughter of Simon Weinburg who-sold-all-he-had-for-the-ocean-trip-from-Bismarck's-Deutschland's daughter.

Mission Statement: I invite you to join me in this mission, with your prayers, meditations, contributions, commentary, links to good places, warnings against bad ones, art, science, theology, and so forth. We will, I hope, and G-d willing, become part of what has been a flow toward a better world, or a better understanding of the world in which we live, or both.

The time is now 05:52 EST. The place is either somewhere in rural Georgia, USA, or just thanks to Blogger and their crew, a virtual spot in the cyber-universe. As I don't intend to grow roots through my tucchus into the wood chair which I salvaged from a place by a dumpsterin another county, I'm donning my jeans, socks, walking shoes, grabbing my wallet, and heading for a little fast food place in the centre of this town, for a walk, for a coffee, to watch the folk gather for their brekkie or coffee before they motor onward to their job, whether that be at the prison, the patrol, one of many farms or orchards nearby, the poultry factory or hen longhouses you sometimes see while driving through this onion country.

We'll meet soon enough. Good day! Recommended sites:


New Year Resolutions:

1. Be a kinder, gentler human being.
2. Learn how to balance my check-book and budget.
3. Practise chess at least once a week.
4. Work towards abs of steel, at least 4 times a week.
5. Re-read all of the Iliad, in at least two different translations.
6. Play with my children at least an hour each day.
7. Be a more romantic spouse.
8. Study and practice my Irish at least once a day.
9. Do at least one house improvement project a week, if possible.
10. Listen to Mid-day music every day for lunch, and make another contribution for the year, or double our yearly contribution.
11. Learn how to conjugate my verbs in Arabic.
12. Carve a Nativity set out of woods native to Georgia.
13. Attend the St. Patrick's day parade in Savannah.
14. Go to Mardi Gras in Lafayette, Louisiana.
15. Learn at least one programming language, most likely Visual Basic.NET.
16. Get my fishing rod fixed, and get a cane rod for my daughter, take her fishing, before Valentine's Day.
17. Save a little money, buy some Georgia municipal bonds.
18. Clean out the shed.
19. Clean out the back porch.
20. Listen to the Irish Music and Culture hour each Saturday, and consider putting public radio in my trust


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