Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Good day! I've been up since before 05:30. Now it's 06:20, have read my e-mail, and am listening to NPR, sipping black tea.
Early voting already going on in our county. Might I vote early, or do I have to have some commitment which will keep me away from the polls next Tuesday? I want to vote now, but maybe I'll learn something that will help me make an even more informed decision.

On G.W.'s Air Force record, I must say that you can't really depend on military records being all-inclusive. As a former clerk in the military myself, and recalling my own frustrations with the records departments at various posts in which I served, I can tell you that it's too easy for something to be left out. I know that I did my best, and I believe that I was thorough in my own records keeping, but my experience with my own records in Personnel Services was frustrating. I had to walk my own Spanish language results up to Personnel Actions, because someone at the Education Centre dropped the ball. Not Fort Stewart, not Fort Richardson, but I won't say where... Could have been anywhere, I suppose. And now that I've seen my military experience print-out from the Ed Centre, I'm surprised they have me recorded as being a parachutist in 1995, when I was not; but they don't mention my Air Assault school, so I guess we're even... The point is, it's not really reliable to depend on National Guard records when attacking Mr. Bush. That irritated me so much, that I felt irritated with the Dems who brought that forth. Here's what Wilkipedia has to offer on the Air National Guard period of our President's bio.


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