Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Bonjour! Ca va? (Sa va? meaning, how's it going?) I very much would like to read how you're doing.
Here, it's 4:08 in the dark pre-dawn, in this small but not really sleepy any more town, nestled among the cypress and long-leaf pine forests and swamps of Georgia.
I woke up at half past midnight, and after a few minutes rose, knowing that I wouldn't sleep for a long while. So I've been online, browsing or web-surfing as one might call the "movement" of "going" from one site to another. Just finished posting an entry to the arab learners' group, on the topic of how to pronounce the name of Samarra. I would suppose that many outside the Fertile Crescent area might know the city for the news of bombings and fighting between American military and terrorists/Islamic freedom fighters, but as I learned the other day, it's actually a very ancient city with much history.

Before I forget, a few days ago somebody with ties to San Sebastian, Spain, posted a blog site which advances the cause of refugees and freedom fighters displaced by the Moroccan conquest of the former Spanish Sahara. I'll translate a few lines for those who don't know Spanish:
Gipuzkoa envРЈВ­a 120 toneladas de alimentos a refugiados saharauis, Dei@, 14.02.04.
LA CARAVANA mРЈРЃs solidaria partiРЈР“ ayer de Donostia con destino a los campamentos de Tinduf, en el sur de Argelia, donde conviven 167.000 personas que hace 28 aРЈР‘os se vieron obligadas a huir de su paРЈВ­s como consecuencia de la invasiРЈР“n marroquРЈВ­. Cuatro trailers y un camiРЈР“n llevarРЈРЃn hasta allРЈВ­ las 120 toneladas de alimentos recogidas durante los meses de diciembre y enero con la ayuda de 45 municipios, asociaciones, colegios y empresas de Gipuzkoa. >> mРЈРЃs
Guipuzcoa, one of the Basque countries, has sent 120 tons of food to Saharan refugees, according to Dei@, who posted this via Blogger on Valentine's Day. The Caravan mРЈРЃs Solidarnost left on the 13th February from San Sebastian (Donstia is the Basque name) destined for the camps of Tinduf, in the south of Algeria, where 167,000 people have settled for the last 28 years. They had to flee from their land as a result of the Moroccan invasion. Four eighteen wheelers and a truck van conveyd the 120 tons of food donations gathered during December and January with the help of 45 cities, associations, schools, and businesses in Guipuzcoa. --submitted by mРЈРЃs
Who is this organization whose philanthropic interest is the welfare of the displaced peoples of Spanish Sahara? A few searches via Google turned up nothing thus far, but there is an English-speaking organization called Center for Positive Practices, who have as one of their concerns, the refugees in this part of the Sahara.


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