Saturday, February 14, 2004

As I begin this, it's 22:01 (10:01 p.m.) EST. Am watching and listening to a streaming video/audio of New York Times Channel presenting the happenings of the day, including the new agreement between the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots.
Earlier this week, I came across a slip of paper on which, years ago, I had written a Roma saying which I found on a site by a young researcher of Roma (am trying not to say the G-word, so you may have to follow the link to find out more, if you don't already know the history of these fascinating peoples).

Prohasar man opre pirend -- Bury me standing;
Sa muro djiben semas opre chegende. I have been on my knees all my life.

Why had I written this and kept it for several years? To understand why, you would have had to be homeless for twelve years or so, and under-employed for many more. You would have had to be fired for speaking your mother's language--and I don't mean in a way that shut out anyone or interfered with the job, which was taking photos of tourists on a river boat on the Mississippi River.
Ah but enough of that chip on the shoulder bit. I'll save it for the "healing circles," as we used to call them in Bethel on the Tundra.


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