Sunday, February 29, 2004

Am barefoot with my straw hat on, not quite ready to go out for a walk with my toddler son, Neujaltgeld, who's just fallen asleep in his bed. Bobby McFerrin is speaking to Chris, the host of From the Top. Outside, the sun is shining, it's short-sleeve weather. The wife is driving through the forest and swamps this minute, about ready to enter the little urb where we often shop for discount groceries and other items, and where I used to work as an engineer.

Ah, but I do enjoy good violin music! And with Mr. McFerrin's incomparable voice and effects, this is good listening. Also, eating some oat fresh rolls, drinking some coffee with the fresh milk we got from our farmer friends on the other side of the county. Their farm is small and organic.

If you haven't noticed, it's a Leap Day on a Leap Year, on the first Sunday (First Day in Quaker-speak) after Ash Wednesday (which isn't Quaker, but pardon me for being born and raised Catholic). If any of you can calculate or know the odds of Leap Day falling on a Sunday, please write me. Would it be 1:4 X 1:7 ? since the 29th would of course be during the last week of the month?


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